The Nights DJ D-Nice saves our Lives –

On March 17 as I was perusing through my Instagram as I often do and noticed one of my favorite DJ’ crush was having a Live and that would be DJ D-Nice. So I popped in his live and was watching him spin on the 1’s & 2’s and people were commenting and he was giving shouts looked like fun and interesting but had log it. The following day I noticed he was back on I stayed a little longer the audience started to increase, he was doing interviews with his celebrity guest which was very nice.

By Friday the audience had gotten enormous over 50k viewers cheering and watching him DJ and virtually dancing to the music (thank goodness he didn’t bring live video to see his viewers even though that would have made some good entertainment.)

By Saturday D-Nice is now the hottest DJ on Instagram and trending all over social media with his virtual party- Club Quarantine was the hottest hashtag around and Generation X was looking forward to the party since Everyone in the US was given a sentence of house arrest so to speak until we get this illness under control. The Rona as it is being called is causing so many people Anxiety, Depression and Anger that people are having difficulty to be positive and optimistic about life. People are seeking an Outlet and are seeking happiness any where they can. D-Nice provided this comfort and healing through Music. As a Psychotherapist, music is a tool that I suggest as a comfort for my clients when they are experiencing moments of either anger or sadness. The music I recommend for my clients is any type they feel Uplift them which they use and it helps.

D-Nice used his impeccable DJ skills as a coping skill for himself to overcome the loneliness of being quarantine home alone however what he did not realize is :

1. How his coping skill would impact others

2. Music and dance therapy is one of the most impactful tools we have because it boosts our mental, physical and spiritual.

On Saturday March 21 history was made with over 100k followers partying for over 9 hours and happy to be apart of the movement people were texting homemade flyers inviting people to his live that evening because of the joy it brought them and wanted others to feel the same. This Quarantine has impacted a whole nation mentally, physically, financially and spiritually and for once everyone is the same and status has been pushed aside and everyone is accepted. Thank you D-Nice for starting a Music Movement that is helping people to Heal Themselves through Happy Memories and Music.

Major Takeaways from this:

1. Its okay to be Happy and Release your mind of toxicity.

2. Embrace and Utilize your talents

3. Authenticity equals longevity

4. Never block your Blessings

5. Follow your heart.

Girls Auto Clinic Story & Photos by Tyra

Patrice Banks has set the world by storm by opening an All Female Auto Body Shop & Full Service Hair and Nail Salon proving Women can do just as Men and More. Conveniently located at 69 West Chester Pike, Upper Darby PA, you can get your car serviced.

Girls Auto Clinic is a female empowerment company whose mission is to “educates, empowers, and caters to women by offering automotive buying and repair resources, services, and products based on trust, education, inclusion, and empowerment” states Patrice Banks .

Having such a unique brand, Girls Auto Clinic has been featured on the Harry Connick Jr. show, Good Morning America, TedTalks and PA Women’s Conference 2017, Patrice travels the United States educating women on the importance of Auto Care.

Services Include: Girls Auto Clinic offers full-service auto repair, female mechanics, manis, pedis, and blowouts while you wait, all in a beautiful lounge tailored to women. Check out the Repair Center and Clutch Beauty Bar.

Currently, Patrice released her latest book titled Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide which is available on Amazon & in her Autobody shop for $25.
Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide provides women with car maintenance instructions and is definitely a must read!

Patrice is best known as the #sheCANic at Best of Philly’s 2017 best mechanic. She is truly a pioneer in her field of educating women in Automotive Care & we salute her!! #Girlpower

As a customer of Girls Auto Clinic I highly recommend them for autocare. Girls Auto Clinic can be reached at 484-461-4693.

Paint Nite

Paint Nite’s Paint and Drink  is one of the newest and  coolest activities for adults. Paint Nite happens throughout various bars throughout the city of Philadelphia (and other cities throughout the East Coast). Paint Nite is $45 per person and you select the bar and portrayed you want to try to paint. There have been Groupons and Living Social Deals offered for $25 (great deal).

Here is the website for Paint Nite: